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 Corporate image corporate identity:
Image Corporative

: Together all traditional or Internet marketing and communication tools enhance the brand awareness of an enterprise.

K2 creates logos, colors, slogans, office stationery… selects the font and the look of all marketing documents constituting the distinctive corporate identity of a firm.

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 Logos trademarks:
Logo et Logotypes

Definition: Logos identify in a unique fashion enterprises, products, services or all other type of organisations in order to differentiate the owner of the logotype from any other entities. In general a logotype is a graphical element that, together with its uniquely set and arranged typeface form a unique entity.

K2 creates logotypes or signature, name, trademark with letters and/or images that reflect the distinctive personality of each enterprise.

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For K2, a brochure is the printed expression of the sales discourse for the company, its product and services which should convince the target audiences of their superiority.
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 Technical folders - leaflets:

Where salesmanship enhances the value of technology makes it clear, easily accessible and comprehensible.

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Definition: Direct sales support. Document with or without illustration presenting various products manufactured and/or distributed by the firm with descriptions of characteristics (references, dimensions, options, prices, after sales service as well as payment, delivery, usage methods).

A showcase of creative, attractive, convincing and interesting images and texts leading to the ultimate act… the purchasing of a product.

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 Direct Mail Postal & Internet:

Definition: Mail sales and communication technique.

A very efficient communication/marketing instrument capable of reaching effectively the center of interest of the target audience.

If it includes a valuable and attractive offer, a direct mail does not risk being mistaken for a spam and damaging your company or your product/service image.

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Duro Design

Definition: A site fully stocked with information & data accessible by Internet.

The most powerful marketing and communication ever invented that should be governed by the three rules of Web success: content, content, content…instead of by programmers.

The best looking site does not yield much if it has not been thought out and designed to be easily optimized in order to attract a high level of circulation.

Point of purchase material (POP):

Definition: Point of purchase advertising encompasses all advertising material at the point of sale. It is designed to promote a product or service.

POP comprises all the communication means by the firm to promote and highlight their products at the sales location, using merchandising techniques. The objective is to push the products towards consumers (‘’push marketing’’). It’s the last communication step between the product and the customer. It can be a decisive one. It is known that in more than half the time (55%), customers make their final purchase decision at the last minute.

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Exhibition Booth:

Definition: Mobile, modular display structure or exhibition stand of various dimensions that will attract attention of targeted audiences and will help manning personnel to promote your products or services.

The booth must strike the imagination, clearly communicate and most of all attract targeted visitors towards you and prompt them to step on your territory in order for you to answer queries, establish contact, get names or make a sale.

Packaging Emballage

Definition: Packaging generally means the exterior wrapping of a product. It usually takes in consideration the important sales and seduction functions of the packaging exercise.

Packaging is the first expression of a brand, it’s the ‘’silent salesperson’’. When a consumer ceases a packaging, in a second he or she selects a brand, through its logo and the visual recognition of the product. Only a strong link established between a product and a brand can trigger envy and differentiate itself from competition or mere copies.
Message publicitaire

Definition: Commercial advertising message.

Good advertisements must not only attract attention, they must educate and help comprehend, when people understand it serves their interest, they buy.

Good advertisements must not only attract attention, they must educate and help comprehend, when people understand it serves their interest, they buy.

PowerPoint - Slide show :
Diaporama Powerpoint

Definition: Slide show style presentation.

Audio-visual presentations are the clear and simple confluence of texts, spoken words and images that are striking, convincing and memorable.

Audiovisual presentations are excellent communication means for large audiences, but rarely a good sales tool for a single prospect. The tool steels the show from the salesperson.
Publicités de type sociétal

Definition: Attempts to promote attitudes and behaviours among the society. The primary proponents of societal communications are: governments, specific commercial enterprises, humanitarian organisations, or not for profit, associations and pressure groups.
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