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The success, yield, profitability and global Internet operations costs depend largely on the careful strategic planning that must precede the Web site execution. Internet is definitely the most potent commercialization tool ever invented. And just as any other marketing tools it must follow the same rules and apply exactly the same K2 commercialization method.
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The 25 year K2 experience in business communications, marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations helped find profitable solutions, well suited to the subtleties of commercializing products or services online.

Aware of the complexity of Internet and the numerous specialized trades needed to erect a professional Web site, K2 works closely with experienced partners. They are seasoned designers, programmers and referencers. K2 works upstream at the commercialization strategy and content creation levels: two neglected areas, but vitally essential to the success of Internet commercialization.

Though all Internet gurus keep reminding that content is paramount to generate results, even to date it remains together with commercialization strategy the two most ignored factors. It explains the poor performance of most Web sites. This is why k2 specialized in these two sectors over the last 10 years and contributed to the Internet achievements of its clients.


What are the main B2B commercialization challenges ?
Reaching decision makers – 63%
Developing relationships with existing clients – 63%
Generating prospects – 56%
Increasing quality of prospects –52%
Obtaining visibility for products and services 52%
Developing the firm’s brand – 49%

Did You Know?
Commercialization trends

45% of B2B decision makers spend over five hours to research product or services every week

Most start with search engines

89% of business people and IT professionals say that online content plays a medium to high importance in the selection suppliers

Business prospects spends a lot of time evaluating risks and implications of a purchase or its alternatives

Internet searchers must in turn convince several decision makers or influencers

It is becoming more and more important to give on line all the relevant information necessary to help people make the right decision